A Movie That Makes Me Think Again About Relationship: He’s Just Not That Into You

Tiara Febriani
4 min readAug 15, 2020


It has been 6 months since pandemic COVID-19 has been spread out around the world and makes most of the people around the world doing they are job at home. while I have the last month of semester break, I decided to subscribe to Netflix for a month. I watched several movies and series on Netflix for a week and put other movies on my list and one of them is He’s Just Not That Into You movies. From the title for its movie, it’s so interesting to me because at that moment I expected a movie about rejection from a man to a woman and that’s it.

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But what I assume is wrong and is more than that, it’s a lesson for women. The opening of the movie is so great, Ginnifer Goodwin as Gigi Phillips and as a narrator for the opening, taught us that since a child when a boy doing something bad at you, he must be had interesting with a girl. That lesson carried for almost every woman in the world until now and it’s a FACT. Like when you’re comforting your friend that has been rejecting by a man, we would tell that he might have interesting with her or he might be feels threatened by her, and the point all of this is comforting our friend that has been rejected but it makes our friend assume that she has a chance while she is not.

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The story continues to Gigi that has a date with Connor Barry (Kevin Connoly) and she thinks it did well, while Connor calls another woman, Anna Marks (Scarlett Johansson) to hangout. Since the date, Connor didn’t call Gigi and make her so curious because he treats Gigi well. Gigi told this to her co-workers Janine (Jennifer Connelly) and Beth Murphy (Jennifer Aniston). Janine told her to not call him otherwise, Beth told her to call him. Gigi that has been curious decides too call Connor and leave a phone message to him.

But, Gigi wants more than that because she is so curious. So, she went to the bar that Connor usually go-to hangout. While she expects to meet Connor, instead she met Connor friend’s, Alex (Justin Long). they had a conversation, Alex told her that Connor is not interested in her because the sign is so clear to him, but Gigi gave a statement that proves Alex wrong, and then Alex reply by explained to Gigi from a man perspective.

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I felt so attached by Alex and Gigi’s story, and it makes me realize that comforting other people are great but makes people believe that they have a chance while they’re not is cruel. Why? because when you do that, you just put people to another hole and let them fall (again). Instead of giving a fact, most women would twist it into something else just like what Alex said. This is all the problem that most women had when it comes to relationship, rejecting a fact and live with fantasy hope.

Accepting the fact might be hurt and hard, but if you rejecting without any realization and living with that is much hurt and hard too. So there are some points that I would make from Alex and Gigi story from He’s Just Not That Into You Movie:

  1. As a listener story is great when you can comfort your friend after getting rejected and making them better, but the most important thing is we should know that makes other people better by giving some bias or the assumption that still unsure is bad. Instead of giving empty hope, we could mention all the facts to make them think and comforting our friends by encouraging them. After all, is their life, and the one that makes a decision is them not us.
  2. As the one that has been rejected, you all should accept the fact that He’s Just Not That Into You. You could be sad but you should accept it too because the relationship is built by two people that connected each other. After all, you can’t push people that won’t be connected.